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We are...

Annie Akasati McAuley and Dr Carolyn Drake.

We established Love Mindfulness in 2014 and are qualified to teach a range of mindfulness-based approaches.

Find out more about us.

What we offer...

We offer mindful compassion drop-in classes and courses in mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom including online and in-person sessions.

We also offer courses in mindfulness to aid Long Covid recovery and specialist courses for schools and in the workplace.

What is Mindfulness?

Is there an activity in your life that you love and find absorbing? 

Do you ever notice moments of contentment and wellbeing?

These experiences give us an idea of the 'flavour' of mindfulness; the capacity to be calm, open and aware in the present moment. Mindfulness is non-judgemental and always curious about experience, fostering a life lived consciously.

Secular mindfulness stemmed originally from Buddhist meditation practices and was first developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in his stress reduction clinic at Massachusetts University. It is an evidence-based technique, shown to be effective in improving wellbeing and reducing stress and depression, and now used in a variety of settings.

Compassion and Wisdom

Compassion and wisdom are the two wings of mindfulness that help us to empathise and be kinder, to ourselves as well as others, and able to take a broader perspective in our lives.

These courses are open to people with an established mindfulness practice. 

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You might like to take a few minutes to try these guided audio meditations: 

Body and Breath
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Short breathing space with kindness
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