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Supervision & Mentoring

Supervision Annie Akasati McAuley offers supervision for anyone using mindfulness-based approaches in their work. 


Annie has a deep, longstanding practice of mindfulness, meditation and compassion, all of which she has been actively practicing for nearly 4 decades.

She is a well-qualified teacher of mindfulness and compassion: she is trained to teach MBCT, MBSR, MBCL as well as the Mindfulness in Schools Project Staff, Secondary and Primary courses. With her colleague Dr Carolyn Drake, she has developed two successful mindfulness courses: Mindfulness for Long Covid Recovery (MfLCR) and Mindfulness based Wise Awareness (MBWA). Both courses are currently being evaluated by a research team from Chichester University. She has also completed the UK Mindfulness Network Supervision Training Course.

Mentoring for personal mindfulness practice. Change your mind; change your life. Annie also offers one-to-one and group mentoring sessions for anyone using mindfulness and compassion practice to create positive change in their own life.


Having a mentor can empower you to take your mindfulness practice deeper. Contact with an experienced practitioner can help you clarify your aims and values. It provides the element of accountability that can be a great support in sustaining a vibrant practice.

Annie has been in a mentoring role with many people throughout the years, including in her teaching career and her life as an ordained Buddhist, which includes 20 years experience as a meditation teacher leading classes and retreats. 

She has also completed level 2 and 3 Counselling Skills / Counselling Studies.

Supervision and Mentoring Rates

1 hour individual session – £50-£60

½ hour individual session – £25-£35

Paired or group sessions are by arrangement.

Please email info@lovemindfulness for more details

Sessions are normally online, however it may be possible to arrange supervision or mentoring in person. 

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