Free Mindfulness Drop-in Classes

In these uncertain times it can help to learn ways to calm the anxious mind, to see through difficulties more clearly, and to relate to those around us - and ourselves - with kindness and in friendship.

Join us for guided mindfulness practice and support to reduce anxiety and increase your wellbeing. Connect with others in a nourishing, interactive session.

We look forward to sharing a drop-in with you soon!



Open to anyone, anywhere whether you are new to mindfulness or have previous experience.


Tuesdays 11.00-11.30am

With Annie Akasati and with time for shared reflection after the session.


Wednesdays 1.00-2.00pm

With Annie Akasati.

Please note, this class is presented in conjunction with the Brighton Buddhist Centre and is led within a Buddhist context.


The drop-in classes are conducted via Zoom, which is available for desktop, laptop or tablet. You can also join via a smart phone if none of thee are available. Please position your device on a still surface.  Clicking the link in the box below will take you directly to the meeting on your browser.

Connect 5 minutes before the start time.

UK time = UTC +0; British Summer Time = UTC +1.00 (Check BST times)

Help with joining a zoom session:​ 

  • Connect to Zoom through the link above.

  • Follow instructions to connect audio and video and display your name.

  • Click 'Gallery View' to see all participants.

  • We are happy to help if you have any difficulty.

Zoom etiquette:

  • Arrange to be in a room where you won't be disturbed.

  • We recommend sitting in an upright chair, meditation cushion or stool. However, feel free to lie down for the meditation if you need to do so.

  • Please position your device to ensure it remains stable during the session.

  • Position yourself with your head and upper body visible clearly on the screen.

  • Avoid answering any calls during the session apart from emergencies.

  • Set screen to 'mute' when not speaking. If you wish to speak, raise your hand. When invited, click 'unmute' to speak. Click back to 'mute' after speaking!

Our Online Mindfulness Drop-ins are completely free. There is no expectation for you to donate at all; we are just happy to see you there!


And, if you would like to donate to support this work we will be very grateful. A one-off occasional donation is preferable to small donations after a class. Any amount would help to keep the classes going. Please use the donate button below.

The donate button will take you to a PayPal page in a separate window.

"Thank you so much for the on-line drop-in meditation sessions. I have benefitted from the sessions you have led since the very beginning of the lockdown period....The virtual classes are so well-run that I feel I almost prefer them to more traditional classes. They have really helped to manage the anxiety associated with both the total lockdown and the more recent easing & increased exposure outside the home environment."

Linda, Brighton, 2020