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Mindfulness courses

We live in challenging times. Learning  skills to support our health and wellbeing is more important than ever. 

Research shows that mindfulness training can help to make us more resilient, alleviating stress and low mood. Stress is a natural response to threat that is essential for our survival, but it becomes unhelpful when overly dominant.

Mindfulness practice can help to settle the threat response and improve one's mood, bringing about a more open-minded and open-hearted way of being.


"Inspiring. A reminder of what is available to us, when we take notice"

We do not currently have any mindfulness course dates planned. If you are local to Brighton, we recommend the courses at the Brighton Buddhist Centre, details here

For online mindfulness courses, we recommend Breathworks, more details here

What can I expect from a mindfulness course?

  • Guided by an experienced and qualified mindfulness teacher.

  • Learn to use mindfulness practices and theory to help you relate more creatively to stress-factors and difficulties, and develop more positive ways of being.

  • Support in developing and maintaining your own home practice.

  • A friendly and open atmosphere to encourage sharing and relationship building. 

"Supportive, safe space. Incredibly valuable opportunity to explore things with others. Inspiring leader. The group was really great. Lots of trust and good level of sharing."

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