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Mindfulness-based Wise Awareness (MBWA)
Open to people who have completed an 8-week mindfulness course or have an established mindfulness meditation practice.

Annie and Carolyn have drawn on their many years of mindfulness practice and teaching, as well as Carolyn's background in science, in developing this exciting new course.   

Training in wisdom improves our capacity for a broader perspective, helping us to navigate life's challenges.

The benefits can be found in better understanding our views and emotional responses to events. We are able to self-reflect and make decisions with clarity, and be more fully equipped to manage change and uncertainty.

Contact us if you have any further queries.


"the course is so well structured. And so wise!" 

"The enthusiasm of you both as leaders was really special and infectious."

Mindfulness-based Wise Awareness (MBWA) 

With Annie Akasati McAuley & Carolyn Drake


Wednesday Feb 28th, 2024, 11am-1.00pm

Full price booking: £160

Includes course handbook & guided audio meditations

Link will takeyou to the Brighton Buddhist Centre website


We offer places at a concessionary rate of £95.00 to anyone with genuine need and will not question your circumstances. Please bear in mind that to make our courses viable we need people to pay the full rate. If paying up front is difficult, you may arrange to pay in instalments or discuss your need with us.

Please contact us to book with a concession or discuss options.

Joining online courses

  • Courses are conducted via 'Zoom' which is available for desktop, laptop or smart phone. See here for information on setting up and using Zoom.

  • Please use a desktop or laptop if possible. This makes it possible to view all participants at the same time.

  • Position your device on a flat surface, such as a table top, to ensure it remains stable during the session. 

  • Full details are provided on booking and support is given to set up where needed.

"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom" Socrates

What can I expect from a wise awareness course?


  • A further development from the Mindfulness Courses which complements the Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living Course (MBCL).

  • Draws on both the Buddhist roots of mindfulness and contemporary science for practical ways of working effectively with the challenges and flux of life.

  • Sessions include opportunities for reflection and discussion, drawing on the wisdom already present within the group.

  • Conducted in a friendly and open atmosphere to encourage sharing and relationship building. 

  • Learn to use meditation and practices designed to develop greater awareness and confidence.

  • Support in developing and maintaining your own home practice.


  • " The group itself was brilliant. I mean all the different people got really involved, and again I've never experienced that kind of group where it felt like we were all growing." 

  • "The stuff we did, the practices were very clearly explained. The way we talked about it in the class, we talked about it, and we didn’t take notes unless we wanted to, and then at the end we were given a full print out which had loads of great quotes, loads of good reading, loads of extra bits to add to the information we were given. So, it felt very blossoming in the air"

  • "I would say I got a 10 out of 10 really, for what I would have wanted to achieve from being on that course, which is to learn more about how I can manage my brain."

  • "I thought it was brilliant. I really enjoyed the mixture of sort of traditional mindfulness teaching, with the angle of how the brain works from more of a scientific perspective. I found that really appealing."

  • "I thought that it was well taught, well led. I thought that each week was different but it built on the previous week, so I left the course feeling all I can say is nourished.

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