Videos for Schools

These videos have been prepared as a resource for schools where we have run sessions, or that have undertaken Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) courses such as 'Dot be' or 'Paws Be'.


The Settling Videos, Beach Scene and Pond Fountain, can be used as a class is entering and preparing for the lesson. The Slowing Down video can be used as a calming exercise before engaging with exercises.

The Introductory Exercises give a full description of an exercise while the Continuing Practices provide a shorter version that can be used for practising once a class is familiar with an exercise.

The videos are hosted on YouTube

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Settling Videos


Pond Fountain | 05:00

Gentle tinkling sound of water

Settling Slowing Down.jpg

Slowing Down | 02:24

Lights  and music gradually slow 


Introductory Exercises

finger ex ks1.jpg

Finger exercise (KS1) | 04:31

Drawing attention to sensations

Finger breathing (KS1&2) | 04:01

Stabilising awareness of breath

breathing ex.jpg

Breathing exercise (KS2 up) | 03:02

Mindful awareness of the breath

3-Stage breathing (KS3 up) | 05:00

Body, feelings and thoughts; breath; and environment

Continuing Practice - shorter versions of the Introductory exercises

Finger practice (KS1) | 02:00

Drawing attention to sensations

finger breathing KS1.jpg

Finger breathing (KS1&2) | 02:12

Stabilising awareness of breath

Breathing practice (KS2 up) | 02:04

Mindful awareness of the breath

3-Stage breathing (KS3 up) | 03:02

Body, feelings and thoughts; breath; and environment





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