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Mindfulness in Schools

Mindfulness training is a cost-effective way of improving mental health in the school environment. Evidence shows that training supports staff to manage stress effectively and builds emotional intelligence in students and children, helping everyone to engage more fully in the learning process.​

We provide INSET, courses, and single sessions for staff and age-appropriate lessons for learners.​ All sessions can be adapted to the needs of your school.​​


We work with staff to introduce simple mindfulness techniques that can be used with children. For this approach to be effective we require staff to have undergone some introductory mindfulness training.

"The whole school is calmer" Catherine, acting head teacher


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Mindfulness training can help staff and learners in your school cultivate calm, focus and creative thinking.

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Details of Mindfulness Sessions & Courses

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"Annie's visit to our school left our staff with a very powerful message about the importance of mindfulness.

Her mindfulness training sessions allowed all staff, with a wide range levels of previous experience, to access the course. There were an appropriate amount of links to theory and some excellent examples of sessions that were designed for students of all ages. We will continue our focus on mindfulness training for staff and students."

Duncan J Stonehouse, Head of School

Bangkok International Prep &

Secondary School

Research shows that mindfulness training can result in:​​


  • increased job performance

  • reduced stress

  • less days off work

  • better mental health

  • attunement to students’ need


  • improved mental & emotional health

  • reduced stress

  • greater self-awareness and empathy

  • Improved focus


We offer INSET, courses, and single sessions for staff, which can provide the basis you need to support mindfulness in your students.

Our staff training sessions and courses are intended to support the wellbeing of teachers and support staff and to help bring about an atmosphere of mindfulness within the school. They are tailor-made to suit your school and staff group.

We consider it essential that any staff wishing to use mindfulness approaches with pupils should first undertake some practical training themselves.

teacher comments: 

“The whole training is like a breath

of fresh air”

"Great to take time out and just be -

very powerful" 


We are trained to teach courses devised by the Mindfulness in Schools Project for Key Stages 2-5. We have also developed our own course for Key Stage 1.

Courses can be provided in a range of formats to suit the needs of individual schools.

Children will learn some of the science of mindfulness and how to become aware of emotions, body sensations and thought processes. They will be supported to find practical ways to respond positively and with greater resilience within all their activities and relationships. There is encouragement for home practice and to integrate the learning into other aspects of school life. ​​

"When you get stressed out, do one of the practices" Key stage 2 pupil comment

"It is really helping me in difficult situations in my life...It's relaxing, calm and it helps you to be yourself." KS5 student comment


Special Educational Needs and Disability: sessions and courses

We have substantial experience of working with children and young people with a wide range of special needs, including those on the autistic spectrum. As well as being consciously inclusive of children with special needs within mainstream classes, we have also provided a range of individually tailored sessions and successfully adapted courses for use with generic SEN classes.

"Useful to have bespoke training by knowledge and experience of our kind of students" SG, SEND pastoral leader

“I really enjoyed doing the lessons. It got me thinking about how my brain works and how my brain reacts .. In case I’m nervous I definitely do the hand practice. I’d see children using it when they are nervous”

KS5 SEND student

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