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Introduction to Classes & Courses

Mindfulness Drop-ins

In these troublesome times it can help to learn ways to calm the anxious mind, develop compassion for oneself and others and see through difficulties more clearly. These practices also support us to relate to those around us with kindness and in friendship.


These drop-ins will introduce you to mindfulness and compassion in practice and theory. There will be a guided meditation for 30 minutes, followed by an optional period of 15 minutes for shared reflections.

Those who are interested can find out more about our online mindfulness courses. 

Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness has been proven to help alleviate stress, anxiety and low mood; to help us cope with difficulties such as ill-health; and to increase wellbeing. 


Attending a structured course with an experienced teacher supports us to reap these benefits for ourselves as we share learning with others and develop our own mindfulness practice in everyday life. 

We offer:

  • 8-week course in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy MBCT

  • 8-week course in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR 

  • adapted mindfulness courses for specific groups including Mindfulness for Long Covid Recovery and the 'Dot-be' Foundations course for school staff.

Compassionate Living courses

For people who have completed an

8-week mindfulness course or are experienced in this kind of meditation.

Kindness and Compassion, including towards oneself, are qualities that can be consciously cultivated. Experience the support of a structured, evidence-based course with like-minded others, learn new practices  and discover how  positive emotions enhance your mental and physical health.


We offer: 

  • 8-week course in Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living MBCL

Wise Awareness courses

For people who have completed an

8-week mindfulness course or are experienced in this kind of meditation.

The benefits can be found in improving our capacity to take a wider perspective, understanding our views and emotional responses to events and how this can help us as we navigate everyday challenges.


Training in wisdom helps us to self-reflect more effectively on any situation; make better decisions and to be better equipped to manage change and uncertainty.

We offer: 

8-week course in Mindfulness-based Wise Awareness MBWA

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