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We have been delivering mindfulness training since 2014 to a range of individuals and client groups including American Express, ISP foster care agency, Graves Son and Pilcher estate agents, staff groups in a wide range of independent and state schools including Bangkok Prep international school, the NHS, carers groups, drug and alcohol recovery, sports and art centres. See our Gallery Page for photos of a training session.

​We offer mindfulness at work sessions and courses throughout Sussex and the South East of England. Sessions can be two hours, half a day or a full day, We also offer an eight-week 'Mindfulness at Work Course'. We can provide tailor-made sessions to suit your organisation. 

CONTACT US to discuss how we can help bring the benefits of mindfulness into your workplace.

Introduction to Mindfulness 'taster' sessions

Sessions include opportunities to learn practical mindfulness techniques, with an explanation of how mindfulness works, both in practice and in theory. There are opportunities for questions and discussion,  ensuring that the content is directly relevant  to the individuals doing the training and the wider organisation.


Participants go away with simple techniques they can use for themselves, following the session. We can also recommend follow-up resources for interested individuals.


We also offer the following training themes: ​​

  • Mindfulness for Managing Challenge and Stress

  • Improving communication skills with colleagues and clients

  • Mindfulness and team building

Single Sessions can work as a ‘stand-alone’ experience or be used as a 'taster' to explore further possibilities for incorporating mindfulness into your work situation.

​Eight-week Mindfulness at Work Course 

This course is designed to support individuals to develop their own mindfulness practice. Participants will learn to recognise how our minds ordinarily work and how we can shift into alternative patterns of response to everyday difficulties. We introduce simple techniques to calm and focus the mind, with encouragement for daily practice and the application of what has been learned within our work and home life. The opportunity to discuss and to learn from the group within an atmosphere of openness and kindness leads to increased awareness of others and has a significant team bonding effect.

Our sessions and courses are based on the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy courses developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and the Universities of Oxford and Bangor.

Testimonials from a training session in June 2018: 


All participants on this 4-hour training gave the highest score in all the following areas:

  • The presentation was clear and understandable

  • I feel better equipped to do my job 

  • I have a clear idea how to use what I have learned

  • The content was relevant to my needs

  • There was value in the practical work and exercises 

  • I was made to feel welcome and at ease 


Further comments:

"I very much enjoyed this and feel it will be beneficial to my wellbeing and work.

"Thought-provoking, enjoyable - relaxing!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed today. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but the day was very thought provoking."

"Very positive. A different approach to thinking about the self at work and home; reflective listening with others."

"Really enjoyed this training. I was not in a good place when I first came into the room, but as I leave I feel better able to cope with what lies ahead!"

"The most valuable aspects were thinking about kindness to the self; looking for calm in stressful situations."

"YES, I would recommend this training to colleagues! It has helped me in my working day and outside life to be more aware, accepting and kinder to myself and others. It has a range of activities that will reach out to all."

"Very helpful and good opportunity not often available in the work environment"

"Really helpful and interactive. Simple things make big changes"

"Great to be given the space/time to look after ourselves."


Why offer mindfulness training in your organisation?

We all need to find a balance between the pressure of work and staying healthy.


Managing stress and emotional wellbeing is an essential skill whatever our field of work.


Facing everyday challenges with a calm, open and kind awareness can enhance effectiveness and job satisfaction, as well as improving relationships with co-workers.


Many businesses now provide mindfulness training as a part of professional development. 


Research into mindfulness in the workplace shows the following benefits:

  • reductions in stress, burnout and anxiety, including a reduction in days off work, improved ability to manage thoughts and behaviour, an increase in coping skills, motivation, planning and problem solving.

  • enhanced job performance.

  • better mental health including less distress, negative emotion, depression and anxiety.

  • greater wellbeing, self-confidence, self-efficacy.

  • greater empathy.

  • better physical health, including lower blood pressure, declines in cortisol (a stress hormone) and fewer reported physical health problems.

  • increased cognitive performance, including the ability to pay attention and focus, make decisions and respond flexibly to challenges.     


Read more about the evidence base for the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace:

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