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Long Covid Recovery

Mindfulness to support Long Covid Recovery (MsLCR)
9-week ONLINE course

An introductory, online course adapted specifically for people managing the effects of Long Covid. 

"Brilliant, such a well structured and well run course that was so important in my Long Covid recovery"  



Mindfulness to support Long Covid Recovery (MsLCR) 9-week course online

Open to all £85 + a small booking fee

For upcoming dates and general information, please email us at

These courses are run through

For bookings, please contact 

Further comments from course participants, July 2021:


Very very helpful and useful, expertly run and compassionately delivered


Wonderful, so glad I did it!


Really great, it helped me to find peace with a lot of my feelings and worries


Fantastic! The trainers were just what I needed: kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable in their field.


Very calming and positive. Sense of community and trust built over time 


Really helpful and a great space of support, kindness and enthusiasm & hope


Well considered and adapted to those with long covid, with breaks, sensitivity around breath and shorter mindfulness meditation. I was made to feel very welcome by the trainers, very warm people. 


Thank you for creating a lovely calm, safe space and for your clear communication. I immediately felt safe and comfortable with sharing with the group.


Very sensitive and gentle trainers. I felt very comfortable. 

This gentle journey through a series of relevant themes and practices helps us to discover how mindfulness can reduce stress and support our wellbeing and health, including our mental health. Tune in more closely with your body's needs and make better decisions to best manage energy levels and other issues.


The course is suitable whether you have prior experience or are a newcomer to mindfulness practice. Sessions last 90 minutes, with a break part-way through. 


Sessions are highly accessible (feel free to join from bed), encouraging an approach of self-care in which you are free to engage at whatever level is manageable at the time; to rest and take time out when needed and to create a supportive community for the duration of the course.


The course includes short, accessible guided meditations with support for home practice for those who wish to bring mindfulness into their daily lives. A course handbook and guided audio meditations are included, with 'catch-up' videos of the Zoom sessions available for anyone who misses a session.

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