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Cortijo Romero, September 2023

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Treat Yourself!

Join us in the stunning Granada region of Spain

"Everything about the week was exactly as I would have wished.  From the twice daily meditation sessions, group discussions, amazing vegetarian food, accommodation and the setting it really was a week of personal growth in the company of like-minded people.  I plan to return."

Lucy, commenting on our 2022 course at Cortijo Romero

Bookings are open for our

Wise Awareness Retreat Holiday,

Cortijo Romero, Granada, Spain

One week starting Saturday September 23, 2023 

"A great place to go on your own - everyone is so friendly - or to go with a friend." Susan

In gorgeous surroundings and good company, this mind-expanding, heart-opening course explores practical tools for cultivating greater life satisfaction, better decision making and more fulfilling relationships.


The course is also very much a holiday. Relax by the pool, enjoy the spectacular views, fantastic food and local outings.


Open to a new perspective on life; combining a stimulating course with ample opportunity for rest, relaxation and exploration of this beautiful region. We'd love to share this with you.

Cost: £880 (includes accommodation, food and optional day out)

more details here

The link will take you to the Cortijo Romera website

"The course is so well structured. And so wise! The enthusiasm of you both as leaders was really special and infectious."

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Praise for the Wise Awareness course, quoted from a research evaluation by Chichester University:

" The group itself was brilliant. I mean all the different people got really involved, and again I've never experienced that kind of group where it felt like we were all growing." 


"The stuff we did, the practices were very clearly explained. The way we talked about it in the class, we talked about it, and we didn’t take notes unless we wanted to, and then at the end we were given a full print out which had loads of great quotes, loads of good reading, loads of extra bits to add to the information we were given. So, it felt very blossoming in the air"


"I would say I got a 10 out of 10 really, for what I would have wanted to achieve from being on that course, which is to learn more about how I can manage my brain."


"I thought it was brilliant. I really enjoyed the mixture of sort of traditional mindfulness teaching, with the angle of how the brain works from more of a scientific perspective. I found that really appealing."

"I thought that it was well taught, well led. I left the course feeling nourished."

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