Compassionate Living & Graduate Courses

These courses are open to people who have previously completed an MBSR or MBCT course - though we can sometimes accept those with an established meditation practice current in their lives.

Contact us if you wish to know more.


Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living Course (MBCL)





Thu 23 Apr, 7.30-9.30pm, 8-weeks

Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living MBCL (Requires MBSR/MBCT)

Tree of Life Centre, 143-145 Portland Road, BN3 5QJ (map 

"I loved the more imaginative practices...and looking at the science of our brains: why react as we do to things -and that it's not our fault!"




Wed 29 Apr, 7.15-9.30pm, 8-weeks

Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living MBCL (Requires MBSR/MBCT)

The Open Door, 32 Church Twitten, High Street, BN7 2LU (map)

"I appreciated the way the course leaders remained non-judgemental and compassionate throughout"

"The course allowed me to fill

my own cup"


Mindful Compassion ​Graduate Course

PRICE: £95.00



Thu 18 Jun, 7.30-9.30pm, 4-weeks

Mindful Compassion ​Graduate Course

 Tree of Life Centre, 143-145 Portland Road, BN3 5QJ (map)

"A useful refresher, reminding me that kindness is free - including

offering it to myself."

"I always feel energised and positive  at the end of the sessions"



Wed 1 July, 7.15-9.15pm, 4-weeks 

Mindful Compassion ​Graduate Course

 The Open Door 32 Church Twitten, High Street, BN7 2LU (map)

"Inspiring. A reminder of what is available to us, when we take notice"

"an essential follow-on from the

8-week course"


We do not wish money to be a barrier to attending our courses. Therefore, we offer a few places on each course at our concessionary rate to anyone with genuine need. This is currently £158 for 8-week courses; £75 for 4-week courses; and £20 for day retreats.


As a guide, this discount can be available for students, those in receipt of state benefits, on a state or other low pension, or on a low wage. If you apply for the concession rate we will not question your circumstances but please bear in mind that our prices are already as low as we can keep them.


Please contact us to arrange a booking at the concession rate.